Juggling is Motion and Motion is Science!

Learn how things balance, spin and fall from a pro!

Jeff was a great teacher today.  He engaged students and represented science in a fun and understandable way.  Students were entertained and educated.  Students were attentive.  Students still talk about the show. I would have no problem recommending him to any elementary school.

Gary Comstock, Principal Midway Elementary, Menan, Idaho

Science of Juggling

School Assembly


Show your students the FUN side of physics and answer the question every child has about juggling:


How Do You Do That?!

Cleverly disguised as a fun school assembly, Jeffrey keeps your students focused and entertained as he explains the Science Behind Juggling: Newton's First Law of Motion, the effects of Gravity, Gyroscopic motion, the Center of Gravity, and more! Then he answers the real question:


How Can I Learn That?

Jeffrey reveals Secrets of the Brain illustrating how the brain works and tricks jugglers use to learn new skills. Then he shows your students how to use these same tricks to prepare for content standards tests, to be better at sports, and how to learn anything!


The Learning Continues After the Assembly!

The 15 page study guide helps school teachers expand on the science from the show. Fun learning activities and extra credit questions for California State Framework sciences (Grade 2 and 8) plus mathematics and learning exercises for all ages.


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