Juggling Jeffrey Daymont school assembly show


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Wow! Did you see that? I want to learn how to juggle!  These were just a few of the comments I heard from students during and after the Science of Juggling assembly. As a 5th grade science teacher, I was impressed with how well Jeffrey's explanation of science concepts went along with our standards.  In fact, every now and then, one of my fifth graders would look at me and nod, as if to say that they remember we covered the same thing in class earlier in the year. I must admit that Jeffrey's juggling feats were much more impressive than what I have ever attempted!  The study guide made available is very thorough, and gives projects for students to try. This assembly was a perfect fit for our annual Super Outrageous Science Day.  I highly recommend the assembly as all students from Kinder through 5th grade were highly engaged throughout the presentation.   

Laurie Garippa, 5th Grade Science Teacher

LaRue Miller Elementary School, Midlothian, TX

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