These are my current school programs.
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Science of Juggling Show

Learn all about the science that goes into a juggling show! The show covers: Newton's first law of motion, friction, gravity, parabolas, the center of gravity and more!

For grades K-12

Machines Made Simple

This show covers the 6 simple machines: Lever, Pulley, Inclined Plane, Wheel, Wedge and Screw. Lots of fun audience participation and larger than life models building up to a crazy Rube Goldberg machine finale!

For grades K-12

Juggling Workshop

Just about anyone can learn to juggle if they have the will and the right teacher. Jeffrey provides step by step instructions for three ball juggling with one on one help for all the students.

It can even be a fun activity if you teach about the Renaissance! (Jester outfit included)

Recommended for students over 12 and classes under 35 students for best results.

Family Juggling Show

A fun show for the whole family. Just right for a family night or other special events, this show features comedy juggling routines that Jeffrey has performed for audiences around the world!

"His ability to teach students to juggle in a step-by-step process was incredible. Students were engaged and enjoyed learning!"

Baretta Hagen

Mesa View Middle School